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The appearance of white spots or white discoloration on or below the surface of the coating.
MOISTURE / HIGH HUMIDITY - The presence of moisture in the substrate or high humidity can cause some materials to discolor. For mild discoloration try a vinegar rinse, otherwise remove or re-apply another coat if the coating material is colored. Make certain that the substrate is dry and the humidity is below the recommendations as set by the coating manufacturer.
CONTAMINANTS / LAITANCE - Alkaline residue or alkaline salts not removed from the substrate can cause coating discolorations. The only solution for this problem is the removal of the coating and then re-application of the material after surface preparation. Always check a floor after etching or surface preparation for a fine powder residue. If present, vacuum and rinse before coating.
SOLVENT ENTRAPMENT - Trapping solvent within the coating can cause white thread like discoloration below the surface. Clear coats can only be restored by removal and re-applying. Color coats will need to be re-coated to restore the proper color. Provide exhaust ventilation as soon as the coating is tack free to remove solvent vapors from the area of the coating.

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