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The process of the coating separating from the substrate in either large or small sections or a flaking off of the coating.
INADEQUATE CLEANING - When improper cleaning occurs, the coating will not adhere to the oil, grease or contaminants present. The coating must be removed by stripping, shotblasting or other suitable means. Re-apply the coating after proper surface preparation. Properly clean the substrate and provide a suitable profile for adhesion.
NO PRIMER USED - If the proper primer is not used then peeling and delamination may occur. Remove any coating that is not adhering properly to the substrate. Prime and recoat. Use a suitable water-base or solvent based primer prior to coating the substrate.
INADEQUATE / IMPROPER ETCH - If an adequate or proper etch is not performed, failure can occur between the coating and substrate. Remove any coating that fails to adhere to the substrate and re-prep the area prior to applying the coating. Repeat etch until medium textured floor is achieved and properly rinse the floor. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before coating.
EXCESSIVE MOISTURE - Excessive moisture can cause pressure which can lift coatings off the floor. Remove any coating that is not tightly bonded and test substrate prior to re-coating the floor. Use a moisture meter to test the floor or place and secure plastic on the floor for 24 hours to check for moisture.
SILICONE CONTAMINANTS - Some manufacturing processes such as welding or spraying can deposit silicones on the floor causing fish eyes. Remove any coating that does not adhere properly. Re-prep the area and re-apply coating using proper techniques. Lightly roughen coats between inter-coat applications and always observe procedures for recoat times.

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