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Imperfections in the coating that form circular areas that resemble fish eyes or similar looking flaws in the coating.
SILICONE CONTAMINANTS - Some manufacturing processes such as welding or spraying can deposit silicones on the floor causing fish eyes. When minor fish eyes occur, use 60 grit screen; otherwise, completely remove coating. Solvent rinse and recoat the area. Become familiar with certain types of operations and test areas prior to application. Properly prepare the substrate before coating.
OIL / GREASE CONTAMINANTS - Oil or grease contaminants can cause the coating to function improperly and appear to have fish eyes. Remove the coating by grinding, stripping or other suitable methods and clean the substrate prior to recoating the area. De-grease surface properly and in areas where all contaminants cannot be removed, use a suitable oil locking-in primer.

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