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The look of uniform color with variations in shade or appearance.
VARIATIONS BATCH TO BATCH - Each batch of material will differ from other batches of the same material. Roughen the surface and apply a topcoat from one continuous batch production run. Check batch numbers prior to using and if necessary box the batches to form one continuous batch.
EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT - Exposure to sunlight can cause some areas of a floor to discolor or fade. Roughen the coating and apply an aliphatic colored topcoat that is uv stable. Plan ahead. Use materials that are suited to your particular exposure conditions.
PRODUCT SETTLING - If a product settles, the applicator must scrape out all of the material or color shading can occur. Roughen the surface and apply a properly mixed topcoat to the substrate. Make certain that the product expiration date has not been exceeded and use mechanical stirrers or shaking equipment if necessary.
SPOTTING / DISCOLORATION - Chemical attack can cause spotting in isolated areas or affect the entire floor. If surface integrity is maintained, then roughen and recoat with a more chemically resistant topcoat. Before installing a coating system, check the diversity of chemicals that will be exposed to the floor.

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